Work Experience Program

  • RCH Work Experience Program

    Well over 1,000 students apply for the formal Secondary School Work Experience Program, with The Royal Children's Hospital, each year - and that number has been steadily growing since our move to the new facility in 2012.

    As we could only offer 20 places in our week long work experience program, it meant many students missed out on learning about our extraordinary hospital. Therefore, in order to provide access to greater numbers of students, we have decided to cease participating in the traditional school's based Work Experience program, and to offer formal Career Days in its place. Each Career Day enables over 300 students and family members to attend.   

    A Career Day involves a half day seminar which focuses on the career pathways that are available at The Royal Children's Hospital, and provides first hand access to senior professionals from Medical, Nursing, and Allied Health, to world leading Researchers.

    Attendees will learn how each profession makes a difference to the care of our patients and families, and how The Royal Children's Hospital achieves its' Vision to be a GREAT children's hospital leading the way.  

    The Royal Children's Hospital has also partnered with the Victorian Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisation, Wesley College Indigenous Exchange Program, and The Weenthunga Health Network to deliver a series of Health Careers Days for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students from across Victoria and the broader Australian community.

    If you would like to attend a hospital Career Day, please click on the link provided. Enrolments occur via Eventbrite. Please note that enrolment opens each year on the 1st Monday in April.

    As we said, our programs are extremely popular. So, if you have missed out this year, please sign up for the Wait List, or log in on the first Monday in April next year to secure your place early!  


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