Arts at The Royal Children's Hospital (ARCH)

About ARCH

  • The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) is committed to providing best practice holistic care which includes the benefits of the creative arts to health and well being. There is growing worldwide research into the numerous health benefits of participating in the arts. We know that by integrating the creative arts into healthcare we can reduce stress experienced by patients, families and staff; improve clinical outcomes; contribute towards improvements in staff job satisfaction and well being; enhance the quality of service provision and significantly improve the hospital experience for everyone.

    The RCH building has been designed to embody, exemplify and celebrate creativity. There are a number of fun, creative and interactive features throughout the building including The Creature; the meerkats; the aquarium; the Bean Bag Cinema and the Starlight room. The building includes a wide range of spaces that are designed for creative arts practice and are suitable for performance and display.

    Creativity is used in a multitude of ways throughout the hospital. There are a range of services which contain creative elements in their work including play, music and art therapy, The Festival for Healthy Living, Starlight and the RCH Garden program. The RCH Education Institute and Travancore School, both utilise the arts to engage children in their continued education while attending hospital.

    The award winning ARCH program, together with all of these other creative elements, contributes to the widest application of the arts and creativity within a hospital setting. The ARCH program plays a key role in enhancing the hospital experience, positively contributing to the healing environment by making it more stimulating, engaging and less stressful for the whole hospital community. Our program embraces a wide range of activities and events, reflecting the rich diversity of our patients, families and staff while actively supporting creativity and life long learning.